who are we

Upaya Tech

We are a cutting-edge tech-enabled company that wants to upend the $4 billion logistics market. We aim to create an ecosystem that aids in formalizing and digitalizing the logistics industry.
We are a group of young innovative souls backed up by experienced minds in Logistics, Tech, Operations, and Finance.

what we do

Optimize Logistics Industry through technology

Automation: Our primary goal is to provide software solutions that help automate day-to-day logistic operations. We achieve this by leveraging the latest technologies and methodologies to create software products that are scalable, efficient, and user-friendly. Our automation solutions are designed to streamline and optimize business processes including Intra / Intercity Trip management, Order fulfillment, Route Optimization, Inventory Management, and so on.

Mobile technology: Mobile Applications are a vital part of our ecosystem. They are used by our drivers to provide delivery updates such as Proof Of Pickup (POP), Proof Of Delivery(POD) whereas clients are able to request/monitor orders right at their fingertips.

Real-time tracking and visibility: Technology has made it possible to track orders/trips in real-time. From Delivery statuses, live location tracking to payment details, We have been able to provide accurate visibility to customers and stakeholders drastically reducing delays, conflicts and improving the efficiency of the entire logistics process.

Data-Driven Decisions: With every process logged and tracked we are able to create a wealth of metrics that highly contribute to reporting, pattern recognition, building KPI’s and eventually making effective strategic decisions.

Our Tech Stack

Technologies we use

Our development consists of a wide range of technologies that each serves its respective purpose. They include cloud-based solutions, real-time messaging and tracking, mobile technologies, data analytics tools, and so on. By leveraging these technologies, we are able to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and enhance customer satisfaction.

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1) Software Engineer (Node.js, React.Js)